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    Product List of Garden Border Fence

  • Cathedral Folding Garden Border Fence

    Cathedral folding garden fence is perfect for keeping small animals out of gardens and used to decorate gardens, lawns and flower beds.

  • Cathedral Folding Garden Fence

    Steel wire cathedral folding garden fence with solid construction ensures the fence long lasting and is suitable for gardens, lawns and pathways.

  • Fairy Garden Border Fence

    Fairy garden border fence is lightweight and easy to manage, suitable for fairy gardens, dollhouses and miniature trees.

  • Garden Border Double Round Folding Fence

    Garden border round folding fence with PVC coating finish is easy to install and can hold up great, so it is widely used in gardens, houses and parks.

  • Garden Border Round Folding Fence

    Garden border round folding fence is widely used in different fields with good weather and age resistance properties.

  • Garden Edging Border Fence

    Garden edging border fence provides corrosion resistant property and it is suitable for applications like parks, schools and houses.

  • Garden Edging Wire Border Fence

    Garden edging wire border fence with vinyl coated layer offers good water resistance property and it is perfect for gardens, pathways and ponds.

  • Gothic Garden Border Folding Fence

    PVC coated Gothic garden border folding fence with good water resistance property is suitable for flower beds, gardens, houses and other outdoor decorations.

  • Looped Lawn Edging Garden Border Fence

    Looped lawn edging garden border fence with long lasting powder coating layer is used to decorate and protect parks, gardens, pathways and lawns.

  • Picket Wire Garden Border Fence

    Picket wire garden border fence with excellent weather and water resistant properties is good for indoor and outdoor decorations.

  • PVC Coated Garden Border Fence

    PVC coated garden border fence with excellent anti-corrosive property is mainly used to decorate gardens, flower beds, lawns and pathways.

  • Plastic Garden Border Fence

    Plastic garden border fence has soft structure which is good for the growth of climbing plants and is an ideal product for gardens and agriculture.

  • PVC Coated Galvanized Garden Border Fence

    PVC coated galvanized garden border fence has solid construction and it is widely used for agriculture, horticulture, construction and industry.

  • Scroll Top Garden Border Fence

    Scroll top garden border fence with good age resistance property is used to decorate and protect gardens, lawns and flower beds.